On 13-Apr-2000 Sven Neumann wrote:
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>> (undo-levels 15)
> The current number of undo-levels is fine, IMHO. At least the 15 you proposed
> are a bit too large. Might go well for web-designers (small images) with a 
> large tile-cache, but...
> Let's see what other people have to say on this subject before we change a
> nything...

Some good ideas that I (as more of a user than a developer) second (or third). 
Another idea might be some more questions when you first install.  Ie: in the
midst of the messages which say which directories have been created sucessfully
(more on this in a second) maybe a couple of questions (wizard?) with something
like "how much memory do you want to allocate to the gimp" (along with some
suggestions), "do you want global paint options on or off" (along with an
explanation) and so on.  This I think would make things much easier on newbies
who might not understand terms such as "tile cache size" and so on.

As for the messages that are displayed on first start up, how many of these are
needed?  If there are errors yes, definatly, but do you need to show them a
screen of "xxxxx created successfully" messages?  If you are concerned with
silently making $HOME/.xxx directories (which 99% of the *nix programs out
there do anyway), maybe just keep the "we will create the directores..."

My 0x02


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