I propose that we make a few changes to the default gimprc (either the
system-wide or user one, whichever the options fit best).

The main thing is that session management should be turned ON, and there
should be a default session w/ the toolbox, layers, option, and brushes
dialogs (...and possibly even the palette dialog). The reasoning behind
this is that I have spoken to many people who have used the Gimp and
never knew any of these things existed. Without knowing about this
stuff, they wrote Gimp off as a Microsoft Paintprush equivalent (eek!)
and, because of this, there's another less person out there running Gimp
(unfortunately). We can change this, however, with a few minor tweaks.

The session management changes in gimprc:
(save-device-status yes)
(always-restore-session yes)
(save-session-info yes)

Some other, nice (imo), proposed changes to gimprc:
(global-paint-options no)
(info-window-follows-mouse yes)
(undo-levels 15)
(note that the undo-levels is set much lower than what I have it, but 5
just seems... well.. quite small.)

Proposed sessionrc additions:
(session-info "lc-dialog"

(session-info "brush-select"

(session-info "toolbox"

(session-info "tool-options"

If the user doesn't want any of the dialogs open, then they can simply
close it, and it will not pop up the second time (by default). Having
such widely used dialogs not pop up by default is like having the tips
dialog box hidden within a cascade of menus instead of popping up by

These changes would make Gimp much more appealing to a number of users
-- and is even though this is something so simple, I consider it a very
large value add.

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