On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 07:55:41PM +0200, Uwe Koloska wrote:
> Hey, you are right!  By starting gimp with
>     LC_ALL=C gimp-1.1
> or more exact
>     LC_NUMERIC=C gimp-1.1
> gdyntext works as expected.  Maybe this is the same sort of error acrobat
> reader 4.05 has to fight with (cannot open most embedded font when run with
> locale other than "C").

I have just confirmed, and fixed (well sent off a patch) a bug in Xsane,
an external Gimp plug-in, which has this same problem.

It is ESSENTIAL when communicating across the Gimp wire, that a plug-in
operates in LC_NUMERIC == "C", I do not think it is wise to change this
assumption during the last leg to 1.2.0 and almost ALL existing
plug-ins accept this behaviour by

(a) Using the normal gimp_main() stuff provided by gimp.h, which magically
calls setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C"); for itself anyway.
(b) Not manually fiddling with their locale settings

If GDyntext doesn't use gimp_main() stuff, or does fiddle with its own
locale settings (either generally or LC_NUMERIC in particular) then it
needs to be altered to provide working i18n, I suggest removing any
private setlocale() stuff or otherwise altering GDyntext not to alter
the LC_NUMERIC settings from their defaults.

For Gimp 1.3 we might re-think the wire protocol to avoid this mess?


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