On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 01:47:29PM +0200, DrMartin.Weber wrote:
> The pnm plugin can read the pnm, ppm, pbm and pgm format, but it cannot save to
> ppm, pbm and pgm.

Short version:

A) It's not a bug.

B) I just tried it.  It works fine.  Even if you do want to consider it
a bug, it's just not there.  (Unless someone broke the pnm filter
between .19 and .21, which seems highly improbable).

C) What are you smoking?  =)

Long version:

Here is my understanding of the pnmutils file formats:
pbm == Portable BitMap (black and white)
pgm == Portable GrayMap
ppm == Portable PixMap (color)

pnm == Portable aNy Map (any of the above)

A pnm tool can take any of pbm, pgm, or ppm as input.
In fact, any tool reading ppm will accept pgm or pbm as well, and
automatically promote them.
It may also be acceptable to use the name "pnm" for any file that
contains pbm, pgm, or ppm data.  (?)

One would assume that a pnm tool's output would depend on the content,
e.g. a GREYSCALE image would be saved as PGM, a RGB image would be saved
as PPM.  

And in fact, about two seconds worth of testing with gimp 1.1.19
demonstrates that this is in fact how it works.
Another two seconds of testing shows that gimp does indeed accept pgm
and ppm as extensions when saving files.

If you need to lower the bit depth, standard pnmutils include
ppmquant: for reducing the number of colors, possibly converting a
          truecolor ppm into an indexed one
ppmtopgm: color => gray
pgmtopbm: gray => bitmap

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