On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 02:27:09AM +0200, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> ppm saving works. But I am unable to create pgm or pbm files with the gimp
> (pbm is known for some time, but gimp definitely writes a ppm file for
> greyscale images).

that's not what "file" thinks about the attached files:
pudding.pgm:  PGM image text
pudding2.pgm: PGM "rawbits" image data

various "pgm*" tools accept them as well.
Those were created from gimp 1.1.19, and lxr reports no substantial
changes to plug-ins/common/pnm.c in the last month.

> On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 02:55:46PM -0700, Kevin [...] wrote:
> > In fact, any tool reading ppm will accept pgm or pbm as well, and
> > automatically promote them.
> Definitely _not_.

>From ppmtopgm(1):
man> Note that although there is a pgmtoppm program, it is not necessary
man> for simple conversions from pgm to ppm, because any ppm program can
man> read pgm (and pbm) files automagically.

so this is, presumably, at least true for all the standard netpbm tools.

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