A very valuable service indeed.  Thank you, Carey.


Have you (offically or otherwise) conferred with the maintainers of the
source sites?

Are new images in the source sites automatically added to the archive?

Can links be provided to the source on a per-image basis?

Is the photo credit for this image stored anywhere?

Can I donate my photo(s) to your archive?

IIRC, some of those source sites provide the image in more than one size
or image format.  How does the archive handle this?

Are descriptions/keywords stored in meta-data chunks of the image files

Who has more bandwidth, you or NASA?  ;)

Some indicies (e.g. those used by libraries) have a finite and discreet
set of keywords used for subject indexing.  That isn't true here, is it?

Can I enter keywords in french?  How about hebrew?

Are there any plans for more structured browsing, or defining
relationships between keywords?  E.g. "nature" has a subset of "trees"
has a subset of "leafy"...  I suppose if the top-level keywords (e.g.
"nature") are included for all the images, this wouldn't be necessary,
but is that true?

Is there any difference between "yellow bird" and "bird, yellow" when
providing keywords?  (no)

How flexible is the search engine?  How does it treat plurals, etc.

Can I search on other things in addition to keywords?  (e.g. "I want an
image that's larger than 640x480 and is stored in a lossless format.")

Can I get your archive on a CD?  How about a custom subset (e.g. only
the results from "birds || nebula") of the archive?

...and that should be enough to keep you busy for a minute or two. ;)

 - Kevin

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