On Sun, May 07, 2000 at 10:15:36PM -0700, Kevin Turner wrote:

        Neat stuff. 

        Now to bug you for wish list stuff ;->

> Is the photo credit for this image stored anywhere?
        Hmmm,  might be cool to have the ability to at least provide
all the info in <a href="http://purl.org/dc/">Dublin Core</a> or
similar metadata standards. 

        Some way to make use of EXIF style data may be cool too, as
I suspect a fair amount of online submissions may be coming from
digital cameras. 
> Can I donate my photo(s) to your archive?
        hmm, yes?

> Are descriptions/keywords stored in meta-data chunks of the image files
> themselves?
        oooh, that would be neat. 
> Some indicies (e.g. those used by libraries) have a finite and discreet
> set of keywords used for subject indexing.  That isn't true here, is it?
        I would suggest a set of required key words, and then for the rest,
anything goes. Required stuff could be like "color/bw",
"portrait/landscape/whatever", "scanned/digicam", "natural light/flash",
"still photo/time lapse/multiexposure", "people/nopeople", etc. 

> Can I search on other things in addition to keywords?  (e.g. "I want an
> image that's larger than 640x480 and is stored in a lossless format.")

Silly feature requests:

        wavelet based "these images are sorta the same" categorization

        since its a directory of images, perhaps exporting it via
        some standard directory system (like say LDAP...), with approriate
        schema of course.


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