Does anyone recognise this? I'm fairly sure it's a brand new "feature"
perhaps from recent patches to app/ ? If no-one recognises this I will
file it through the normal channels, but since it looks like a fresh
regression it seemed easiest to ask first.

1. Create new _greyscale_ image

2. Use a nice colorful pepper brush (you know, the demo color brush)

3. Scribble all over the image, off the edges...
   [This being a memory scribble bug it might not work first time]

4. Bang.

(relevant section of stacktrace -basically its a memory scribble)

#4  0x4028ec68 in __restore ()
#5  0x402c9fba in __libc_free (mem=0x873dd78) at malloc.c:3023
#6  0x4018439d in g_free (mem=0x873dd78) at gmem.c:411
#7  0x814a554 in tile_alloc ()
#8  0x814a6d0 in tile_detach ()
#9  0x814aaba in tile_manager_destroy ()
#10 0x81567d2 in undo_push_image_mod ()
#11 0x8155a3f in transform_tool_show_grid ()
#12 0x8155ab0 in transform_tool_show_grid ()
#13 0x8155b56 in transform_tool_show_grid ()
#14 0x8156213 in undo_push_group_start ()
#15 0x81134b7 in paint_core_finish ()
#16 0x8112477 in paint_core_button_release ()
#17 0x80aaa57 in gdisplay_canvas_events ()


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