On Monday, 31 Jul 2000, Kevin Turner wrote:

> [Kevin checks the latest mail.  Now it seems we have a help template
> file in HTML.  Okay.  Uh-oh, it's under a non .gimp.org domain, Sven
> will frown about that.]

The template includes "->" as a menu path separator.

The problem with this is that it suggests actually using "->"
literally in the HTML, rather than the more correct "->".

Personally, I think anything that makes updating the help text as easy
as possible is good.  Ideally, there would be a button at the bottom
of the help browser labelled "email corrected version" or something,
that people could use if they come across typos, wrong, or missing
info.  Make it totally trivial for people to scratch their itch,
basically :)


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