On Thu, Aug 24, 2000 at 03:06:10PM -0700, christopher baus wrote:
> Secondly, I'm confused by the function gimp-file-save.  Specifically why do 
> I need to pass an image and a drawable?  If I load an image, do some image 
> level manipulations on it, and then want to save it with gimp-image-save, 
> do I need to create a layer?

Short answer: 
All images have at least one layer (the background layer, by default).

Long answer:
All plug-in procedures are required to take both an image and a
drawable.  In practice, one or the other of the arguments is usually
ignored.  Blah blah history, blah sucks bla, blah blah will do
better in version 2.0.

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