>Anyway, it seems nobody has the time and energy to really work on the
>needed changes in script-fu to make it a viable programming environment.
> > More generally is it possible for script-fu scripts to introduce memory
> > leaks even tough scheme in itself is a garbage collected language?
>In script-fu it shouldn't be possible to enerate memory leaks, but a
>plug-in (like script-fu) can easily create memory lekas within the main
>gimp application. This is not easy to solve, and the question is wether
>it should be "solved" for all cases (I can think of a lot of cases where
>holding images inside the gimp for cahcing reasions makes a lot of sense,
>without them being actively referenced).
I think it is reasonable that plugins/scripts can create resources that are 
outside the scope of the plugin/script itself.  The developer just needs to 
be aware that's what is happening.  Ok so now I'm aware of it.  Cool.  Its 
somewhat of an interesting issue.
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