I just had a look at the code of some of the plug-ins and I noticed that
there is often lot's of room for improvement:

1) some constructions are plain clumsy, for example somewhere I saw:

        for (k = 0; k < bytes; k++) destline++;

instead of simply: 

        destline += bytes;

2) a lot of functionality has been added since the last update of some
of the plug-ins. Result: duplicate functionality

3) sometimes it's just lack of C knowledge:

        if (p)

can be simply replaced by just: 


No need for the test, unless performance is really critical and we
expect to free a lot of NULL pointers.

4) some plugins have obvious memory leaks.

So my question: is it worth the effort to carefully go through all the
code (not only plug-ins) and clean things up?


1) source code becomes smaller. Not a big deal with Gb harddisks, but
nice for future maintenance.

2) object code becomes smaller. My initial estimate that for example
most plug-ins can be easily reduced with 10 a 20 % without much effort.

3) during the process we might find further bugs.


1) this will cost time/effort (I am willing to make my contribution).

2) we might break things that work

3) we don't spend time on other fun things liking adding functionality.

Any thoughts/comments?

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