On Thursday, 31 Aug 2000, Maurits Rijk wrote:

> 3) sometimes it's just lack of C knowledge:
>       if (p)
>          free(p);
> can be simply replaced by just: 
>       free(p);

I would not assume that it is safe to free() a NULL pointer in _all_
vendor's libc implementations.  That's why there are things like
g_free() that explicitly make these kind of guarantees.

> 4) some plugins have obvious memory leaks.

Be careful - it is easy to "fix" a memory leak and introduce another
bug where some contorted path through the code actually does use the
memory.  This has already happened a few times within the last year.

> So my question: is it worth the effort to carefully go through all the
> code (not only plug-ins) and clean things up?

Yes, if done properly.  However:

> 3) during the process we might find further bugs.

Yes, but a code walk-through would have the same effect, without
potentially adding more bugs:

> 2) we might break things that work

This is the biggest danger right now.   A freeze is a freeze!


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