Vikas wrote:

> I downloaded entire CVS'ed sources of GIMP and to start I could not find
> configure script. Can anybody send me that file or tell me where can I
> find it other that doing CVS again (It is a long job).
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Welcome to the bleeding edge.

CVS gimp does not have "configure" in the CVS repository because it is generated
from ""

More generally, to work with CVS Gimp, you may need additional "maintainer" tools 
though, because you may already have them)

GNU autoconf, GNU automake GNU libtool, GNU gettext.

Read gimp/HACKING in your CVS working directory on how to use these tools
to generate your local configure script.

To learn more about using CVS, I'd suggest "Open Source Development with CVS"
by Karl Fogel (1999 Coriolis Open Press). Significant parts of this book is available
online at

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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