"Garry R. Osgood" wrote:
> Vikas wrote:
> > I downloaded entire CVS'ed sources of GIMP and to start I could not find
> > configure script. Can anybody send me that file or tell me where can I
> > find it other that doing CVS again (It is a long job).
> >
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> Hi,
> Welcome to the bleeding edge.
> CVS gimp does not have "configure" in the CVS repository because it is generated
> from "configure.in"
> More generally, to work with CVS Gimp, you may need additional "maintainer" tools 
> though, because you may already have them)
> GNU autoconf, GNU automake GNU libtool, GNU gettext.

I even ran autoconf on the directory and it did generate the configure
script but the script did not run. There were errors at startup itself.
I do not remeber them right now.

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