Vikas wrote:

> <snipped historical stuff...>

> I even ran autoconf on the directory and it did generate the configure
> script but the script did not run. There were errors at startup itself.
> I do not remeber them right now.
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Typically, I run   --prefix=/usr/people/garry/WorkSpace/dist \
             --with-gtk-prefix=/usr/people/garry/WorkSpace/dist \
             --enable-ansi \
             --enable-debug \
             --disable-static \
             --disable-perl is designed to run autoconf, automake, libtool, gettext.
then kick off configure, passing the parameter list to that script,
as noted by Marc and described in gimp/HACKING (was that available
to you to read?). None of the options I use above is mandatory; the
first two assist me in keeping a development gimp environment that
is distinct from a production gimp, the next three assist in
debugging, the last concerning a regrettable difficulty specific
to SGI/Irix (See bug report:,
and which is approaching resolution.

I suggest you experiment with, as described in gimp/HACKING.
If you care to, send me the output by private e-mail if you do not
have any success.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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