Brief investigations confirm that two bugs, 

#10595 [gimp-bug] Tile Rendering not working with erasure],
       reported by Seth Burgess <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

#24188 [gimp-bug] Tile Rendering not working with erasure[gimp-bug] image *still* not
       properly displayinglayer mode, 
       reported by Thaddeus Parkinson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

occur only when gimp is built with configure option --with-mp=yes. (multiprocessor 
#24188 substantially compromises Gimp functionality: In new images, layers with 
properties other than 
"Normal" or "Dissolve" become invisible.

Seth Burgess wrote [in Re: Bug#10595: [gimp-bug] Tile Rendering not working with 
> Yes, we did discuss that briefly... [At Berlin GimpCon - GRO] is this bug worth
> tracking down as it is a very limited set of people
> affected?
> Seth

<#10595 addenda snipped: see http://bugs.gnome.org/db/24/24188.html>

For the (speculative) 1.2 release:

1. Do we support this option (and fix the bugs)?

2. or do we shut down option --with-mp=yes ?

Leaving the situation as-is I regard unacceptable for 1.2 release. Those with multiple
CPU's will be naturally attracted to the switch, unlimiting the set of people affected
in short order. What's not functional should not be offered, so either a fix or an 
removal seems in order.

How should cleanup proceed?

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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