"Garry R. Osgood" wrote:
> <#10595 addenda snipped: see http://bugs.gnome.org/db/24/24188.html>
> For the (speculative) 1.2 release:
> 1. Do we support this option (and fix the bugs)?
> 2. or do we shut down option --with-mp=yes ?
> Leaving the situation as-is I regard unacceptable for 1.2 release. Those with 
> CPU's will be naturally attracted to the switch, unlimiting the set of people 
> in short order. What's not functional should not be offered, so either a fix or an 
> removal seems in order.
> How should cleanup proceed?
> Be good, be well
> Garry Osgood

I just checked in a fix for #24188.  I could never reproduce #10595, but I'm
using a single
processor machine.

If those of you with MP machines could beat on it for a while and report back how
it works
for you I would appreciate it.

I don't think we should remove MP mode quite yet, but I am rather biased.

Jay Cox

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