Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Probably some UI improvements needed in the gradient editor then,
> other packages I've seen use a separate edit bar for alpha. I would
> not advocate such a change to Gimp, but it is at least inspiration.

The gradient editor's user interface sucks harder than a realdoll
plugged to a pneumatic pile driver set on reverse.

Whoever wrote it should be put in a mental institution.

Oh, wait.

That would be me.

Anyways, it is due for a rewrite.  The code sucks.  It was my first
GTK+ application :-)  I would be very happy to take suggestions for a
better user interface.

And yes, the blend tool should do the right thing with alpha values,
i.e. premultiply them before compositing them in.  I'll submit a patch
for it in the afternoon.


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