I'm one of the developers working on the PrettyPoly 3D modeller
(http://prettypoly.sourceforge.net) and we have been talking about
building a 3D texture painting system into our tool.

  However, realising that I don't want to write yet another
paint program - and knowing that I couldn't come close to
doing something as nice as GIMP, it occurs to me that a
better approach might be this:

  1) Write a plugin for PrettyPoly that captures the
     3D coordinate of the cursor - figures out which
     texel in the texture map it's pointing at and
     stuffs that into a little chunk of shared memory.

  2) Write a plugin for GIMP that grabs that texel
     coordinate and (somehow) stuffs it into GIMP
     so that GIMP thinks it's the current mouse position
     within the painting area.

  3) Have that same GIMP plugin grab the current image and
     dump it into a (large) shared memory area.

  4) Have a PrettyPoly plugin read that shared memory and
     stuff it into the currently selected texture map.

Repeating that process (with some more sophistication)
should make it appear as if all of GIMP's painting
features were working inside of PrettyPoly - with the
current image wrapped around a pretzel - or whatever
we happen to be painting at the time.

You'd also (hopefully) be able to paint directly on
the GIMP canvas and see the effect happen instantly
on the 3D model.

Anyway, knowing ZERO about writing GIMP plugins, I
don't really want to launch into a long GIMP-plugin
learning curve only to discover that (for some
arcane reason) this is utterly impossible - or
otherwise stupid.  So my question is - Can any
of you GIMP guru's tell me if this is basically
feasible...or if there is a better way?

I'd want to be as close to the 'surface' of GIMP
as possible - I'd like to see the result of all
the layer compositing, I'd like to see the selection
'marching ants'...everything - I'd like to drive
GIMP up close to where the mouse coordinates hit
the canvas so that ALL of GIMP's power would be
accessible through this mechanism.

However, if that's not possible, I'd settle for
seeing just one layer...etc.

We may take it as read that there is no problem
at the PrettyPoly end of the link.

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