Stephen J Baker ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Unfortunately, you can't communicate that tightly with the core
> > application from a plug-in.  You're limited to the language of the PDB.
> Doh!
> How do devices like digitizing tablets interface to GIMP?  Perhaps
> there is a way for me to pretend to be something like that.

Graphics tablets use a standard X11-way to communicate: the XInput-devices.
So you would have to implement a X11-driver for your "virtual" pen or talk
the (e.g. ArtPad) Tablet protocol to a named pipe where the X-Server reads
it. This "tablet" must not run in "Core-Pointer" mode, since you probably want
to use the mouse to use your program.

Another idea would be to fake events and send them to the Image-Window.
Both ways sound nasty...  Probably Gimp does ignore events when the
image window is not active. You would have to work around hundreds of
strange effects...

I'd guess Gimp 2.0 would support "module tools", where something like this
could work. Now you are limited to things like the gimp-paintbrush PDB-Call
(as mentioned by Kevin) which might help a little bit.

But it definitely sounds interesting... :-)


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