I'm doing a generalized graphics talk at ALS and will be attempting to
show, very briefly, some of the more interesting tools available for
artists.  Ivan Reyes from LinuxArtist.org is going to help me with a few
things (he's working on getting a 2.4 kernel built to run USB and FireWire
demos).  We hope to have multiple demos running at the same time if
possible - sort of a eye-candy for the soul kinda thing.  It's a short
talk, unfortunately, so we won't be able to go into too much depth there.
If possible (and there is interest) I'll try to arrange a BOF session where
people can look a little deeper at some of these tools.

I was wondering if anyone from the Gimp Dev. group was going and would be
interested in showing Gimp 1.2.  Garry R. Osgood, Calvin Williamson, and
Dean Johnson helped me out with a Gimp talk at LinuxWorld in NYC in
February and made that talk much better than it would otherwise have been
(thanks guys!).  If possible it would be nice to have someone show off a 
drawing tablet again, as Garry did at LinuxWorld.  Garry/Calvin/Dean - any
of you guys going to ALS in October?

Oh, FYI - ALS = Atlanta Linux Showcase, October 12-14th.

If anyone is going and would like to help out, or would be interested in a
Gimp BOF (which I haven't scheduled yet), let me know.  
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