> I am quite sure that this couldn't be the reason for gimp-perl working
> again, so either it was some cruft from earlier releases or the big is
> still hiding somewhere.

> the gimp configure.in checks for libz and disabled png automatically - you
> do not happen to have a configure output from the non-working version? ;)
Sorry, the end of the make output got cut off when cutting and pasting. 

I have done some further testing with zlib installed and it still breaks so you
are right about it NOT being zlib (just hit lucky when it worked I suppose).
So at the moment, every time I make &>log it works, but just make, will fail.
Maybe there are some issues that are resolved by dropping out to write a
logfile ? One thing with this box is that Reiser FS is used for /usr/ but I
really don't think that should be an issue should it ?

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