"Dr. David Kirkby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi,
>       today I compiled gimp-1.1.26 on my Sun SPARC 20 (4 x 125 MHz CPUs, 448 Mb RAM,
> Solaris 8), using Perl v5.6.0, gtkxmhtml-0.99.8, gtk+-1.2.8, PDL-2.1.1snap092100,
> zlib-1.1.3). I have removed any libraries/headers of older gimp versions, but I get 
> following error message during startup. 
> Gdk-WARNING **: shmat failed!
> gimp: shmat() failed: Disabling shared memory tile transport.
> All plugins load okay and The Gimp seems to function okay. 
> I've had this message (or something very similar) on other versions of gimp between 
> and 1.26. Is this a known bug with Solaris, or have I done something silly ?????
> What are the implications of this ? 

Hi David,

this simply means that you hit the shared memory limit which is
by default ridiculously low on solaris. The message means that
the low limit was discovered correctly by GIMP and that all
image data will go over the pipe (all plug-ins will continue
to work, however they will be slower than with shm enabled).

To avoid this you have to increase the amount of shared memory
a process is allowed to allocate. The config file you have to
change lives AFAIK somewhere in /etc (and of course you have
to be root to change it).


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