On 01 October, 2000 - Michael Natterer sent me these 1.3K bytes:

> > Gdk-WARNING **: shmat failed!
> > gimp: shmat() failed: Disabling shared memory tile transport.
> this simply means that you hit the shared memory limit which is
> by default ridiculously low on solaris. The message means that
> the low limit was discovered correctly by GIMP and that all
> image data will go over the pipe (all plug-ins will continue
> to work, however they will be slower than with shm enabled).
> To avoid this you have to increase the amount of shared memory
> a process is allowed to allocate. The config file you have to
> change lives AFAIK somewhere in /etc (and of course you have
> to be root to change it).

Add this to /etc/system:
set shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=32

Default is 5 or something, which runs out pretty fast.. bump it up even
more if you want.

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