On  4 Oct, Marco Lamberto wrote:

> Ok, you're right, but why everything worked fine till gimp 1.1.24 (the
> last RPM I've built through the "standard" gimp.spec)? I don't think
> that dropping the RPM support or a clean and easy way for RPMming the
> GIMP is a good choice (none would use the "prefix" for a normal 
> installation except the ones who would build a binary rpm).

 If you don't want to use RPMs features, why do you want to use it at
 all? configure;make install is much simpler and cleaner and if you
 want to package it you have to care about all the shit anyway....

 Please note: RPM is broken by design and you can't use one specfile
 for several systems because of the differences. Thus I don't see much
 sense in shipping them. Ok, it's cheap advertising for RedHat but apart
 from that....



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