On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 05:23:04PM +0000, Brendan Byrd/SineSwiper wrote:
> I don't see how this is a problem with anything besides The GIMP.  I'm using
> BlueSteel (to match my BlueSteel E theme), and it works just fine on all of my
> other GTK applications.

Occam's razor is a crude and unreliable tool. This is a known GTK+ / themes
bug and given that you did all this manually (from .tar.gz) you probably
screwed up somewhere and Gimp is running against the old (buggy) code.

Turn off BlueSteel. It will stop happening. If you continue to see a problem
with a non-pixmap theme (e.g. default GTK+) then get back to us.
Otherwise, switch BlueSteel back on then investigate which part of the
library install you screwed up.

Don't worry, it's not hard to screw up a completely manual install but it
isn't hard to track down the problem either. Start by using ldd to
determine which libraries Gimp is linked with, and continue from there.
Check that you ran ldconfig, the library paths are as expected, and that
the 1.2.8 libraries really ended up installed as 1.2.8, and so with the
new pixmap theme engine.


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