I have written a simple Gimp Perl script to add text to an arbitrary image. This
is to be used to create button images for web pages.

The script works fine when the image has a background colour, however I run into
problems when the image has a transparent background.

If the image is totally transparent then the resultant image ends up being
filled with the colour of the text.

If the image is partially transparent the the image gets filled with the color
of non-transparent part of the image and the text is shown as expected. Though
of course it is the result I wanted.

The werid thing is this happens when it run from the command line. It works fine
if run interactively from the gimp XTNs menu.

Gimp 1.1.25
Perl 5.6
Gimp Perl Module 1.201
OS Linux, Redhat 6.2
Script attached
General warning,  experienced perl programer but Gimp Newbie.

Cheers Stuart
Stuart Frew
New Zealand Revolution.
+64 9 302 5330


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