On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> On  6 Nov, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > If you want me to change the helpbrowser, I need a detailed list of
> > the changes that are necessary.
>  just the changes we talked about: Removal of the HTML navigation bar
>  and using the supplied links in this bars for the buttons in the
>  helpbrowser.

Hmmm...  Looks like we need a couple more beta releases before 1.2. ;-)

But I am wondering...  What's the point in maintaining a Gimp-specific
help browser?  I routinely compile the Gimp on several machines
(shared or private, running Solaris or Linux, and located in different
countries ;-)) and the most common configurations are:
* Basic system or KDE system that has Glib, GTK+ and some other
  libraries but no GtkXMHTML library.  On these systems, the help
  browser is not built so everybody uses Netscape for the help pages.
* Gnome system (using HelixGnome or the version of Gnome supplied with
  the Linux distro) that has many packages installed, including
  GtkXMHTML but also the Gnome help browser.

I have never seen a system that had GtkXMHTML installed and did not
also have the Gnome help browser.  Wouldn't it be easier to use it if
it is availble, and to stop maintaining the Gimp-specific help browser?
There could be a compile-time option (or install option) that installs
the appropriate version of the help files depending on the help browser
used (regular HTML browser like Netscape, or Gnome help browser).


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