Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Simon and me are currently at the Systems'99, and, well, we probably need
> a lot of couple of beta-releases ;) gimp seems to have a lot of small
> problems like the selection going away after some time and not coming
> back, refresh problems (a lot, but difficult to reproduce) on all our
> machines, and the return of the "w->src > w->bytes * ..." warning.
> I guess most of us just ignore these problems, but just how difficult
> would it be to fix this? Are we (simon and me) currently the only ones
> having these prblems?

Selection going away: "Marching Ants die 
untimely deaths"

I regularly observe the selection disappearing when I use the Wacom Tablet, and
setting it as an input device through <Image>->Device Input. I have not observed
it otherwise.

Do you recall if your incident is purely/partially tablet related?

Thank you.

Be good, be well


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