I'm a Gimp user still stuck in version 1.04 because that was the last
stable version I downloaded for my Linux.

A friend of mine was showing off his latest Gimp for Windows the other
day that he had found on some magazine CD. I didn't test many of the
features, but it seemed very stable and far superior to the version that
I have.

Looking at the Gimp.org web page regularly, I've now comed to believe
that a stable version which is reasonably up-to-date will never exist.

Every now and then I see these mails announcing new versions:

> GIMP 1.1.27 is out there and it is shiny.
> ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v1.1/v1.1.27/
> This hopefully fixes the perl problems people were having. Plus
> lots of portability fixes and misc bugfixes.
> -Yosh

I never installed them because I also see something like this on the
Gimp site:

> NOTE: At any given time the developers version of
> gimp may be wildy instable, may crash randomly, etc..

Making me beleive they're not really useable (i.e. cannot save/open
certain file formats or whatever).

But since the Window's version seems stable, perhaps the note on the
Gimp site is just an exaggeration?

Could someone recommend a version that is useable and up-to-date?

My friend who a Window's user still dares to claim that Potatoshop is
superior, but soon he will be forced to use Gimp only when nobody is


PS: Sorry in case this should really have been sent to the Gimp-user

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