On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Kati Gäbler wrote:

> A friend of mine was showing off his latest Gimp for Windows the other
> day that he had found on some magazine CD. I didn't test many of the
> features, but it seemed very stable and far superior to the version that
> I have.

The latest Gimp for Win32 versions are available from


Only Gimp 1.1.x exists for Win32, so no "stable" version of Gimp, strictly
speaking, exists for Win32. Also, Gimp for Win32 (actually, Gimp
compiled for Windows) tends to be less stable than the Unix versions.
> Looking at the Gimp.org web page regularly, I've now comed to believe
> that a stable version which is reasonably up-to-date will never exist.

That is right.

> But since the Window's version seems stable, perhaps the note on the
> Gimp site is just an exaggeration?

Actually, the latest Gimp 1.1.x are very stable. There are a few bugs
- a few functions do not work exactly the way they should
- there are some cleanup problems if a plugin crashes
- some weird things happen on Solaris machines (you are not concerned
  since you are on a PC under Windows).

The note is here nowadays more as a disclaimer than as a serious warning.
> Could someone recommend a version that is useable and up-to-date?

> My friend who a Window's user still dares to claim that Potatoshop is
> superior, but soon he will be forced to use Gimp only when nobody is
> looking.

Appreciation is in the eye of the beholder.

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