[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-11-07 at 0924.52 -0600):
> > Only Gimp 1.1.x exists for Win32, so no "stable" version of Gimp, strictly
> > speaking, exists for Win32. Also, Gimp for Win32 (actually, Gimp
> > compiled for Windows) tends to be less stable than the Unix versions.
> The deal with "odd-numbered" versions of any package is not that they
> actually *ARE* unstable - but just that the developers choose not
> to *PROMISE* stability.  Hence it's a matter of caveat emptor.

Note for the unexperienced: the odd - even version numbers rule is not
followed by all projects. Gimp and Linux kernel do, but other projects
do not (ummm, Apache?).

Also, most projects decline all responsability about stability, in
user or developer versions, famous "if it breaks, you keep the
pieces". I doubt anyone promises anything, not even pay and / or
closed ware does. ;]

My advice is to try to test a new version if most people say it is
fine, but be prepared to go back to a old one if you unluckly fall in
the minority that discover all the bugs (aah, please report them
before going back to the other version).


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