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these issues aside...:

> Ehm, this is AFAIK not a valid locale setting.

For which OS, distribution and local configuration? The problems with perl
(perl is the only component that warns by default when it cannot set the
locale requested by the user) made me aware of the fact that most linux
distributions set LANG or LC_ALL to something like "fr" or "de" without
actually havig such a locale (e.g. it was never effective). That glibc
uses the LC_MESSAGE settings regardless of wether setlocale was called or
wether setlocate even succeded does not improve on this.

> know if my working locale stuff comes from some mystic environment
> variables that were set when compiling gtk+ and gimp. (there are
> lots of mystic variables set in the university's heterogeneous
> network) ;)

And it's far from clear what the semantics of setlocale should be (as this
depends on the local configuration, e.g. I do have a full de locale, but
who else has?).

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