Garry R. Osgood ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I was delighted this weekend to uncover a cause to #10498: "Marching
> Ants die untimely deaths" which has been pestering me for sometime
> now.

Whoo hooooo!

> I would like to obtain a sense of how widespread this phenomenon
> is. Marc Lehmann reported to this list that he observed it on Simon
> Budig's machine at Systems'99, but not his own, and I believe Simon
> has a tablet/driver/machine quite different from an SGI O2. [See Re:
> Gimp help docs thread]]

I have at the moment no tablet available so i cannot try to
reproduce this now. I definitely will try this tomorrow.
But the Machine at the systems was an Intel-Machine with 128 MB Ram.
The tablet was an Intuos A5 with serial connector plus lots of
different pens (3 intuos Pens, 2 Stroke pens, 1 Airbrush, 1 4D-Mouse,
1 inking pen), the X-Server was a 3.3.6 XFree86.

Thanks for hunting in this area!


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