the Loial Raven wrote:

> i would like to be able to move the image being worked on outside (or at
> least almost outside) the visable window.

Start with an image, say 200 X 200

<Image Menu>->Image->Canvas Size. Set the canvas to be larger (Say 800 X 800)
Use the positioning widget at the bottom of the dialog box to position the layer
somewhere in the middle of the canvas. Select OK.

You can now pan to the edge or over the edge of the image-bearing layer.

You can use the Move Tool to shove the layer to one side, even outside the
current viewing frame. Note that the Move Tool needs a (somewhat opaque)
part of the image to grab on to.

If you lose track of where the layer is on the canvas, zoom way out.

Hope this is what you want.

Be good, be well


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