Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> To the Editor of Popular Photography:
> In your article "Expanding the Palette" in the October 2000 issue, you
> listed several software products available for image editing and
> painting in a box on page 62.  I was disappointed not to see The GIMP
> not included in this roundup.  <snip>

In contrast, the October 2000 issue of Web Techniques magazine has a
cover story titled "Tools of The Trade" where they interviewed
developers and designers of some of the net's hottest web sites.  Here
is what one developer had to say about the Gimp:

"For image editing, I find that the Gimp takes care of everything I
need" - Brian Jepson

I've been using the Gimp for two years now and its my favorite image
editor.  I would also like to mention how fantastic the community of
Gimp Developers is.  You can write to them with a bug report or feature
ideas and often see fixes and enhancements added to the CVS tree within

Thank you Gimp Developers and Users!  
Jon Winters

   "Everybody Loves The GIMP!"

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