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> All true, but then the problem is that non-technical users have to wait
> for someone (or their favourite distribution) to package new plugins.
> IE, let's say I write a new plugin, put it on plugins.gimp.org in source
> form. Then Joe User can't use it until Red Hat releases an updated rpm,
> which may take a while. With the automatic building the plugin is
> instantly available.
> For distributing, this makes sense, but what about updates? I don't
> think anyone would want to download a whole new tarball just to get one
> new plugin. And if you're going to do separate tarballs, then what's
> wrong with also creating a standard automated way to build and install
> them?

What's wrong with letting the distributors do their job and let them 
take care of creating binary packages? I doubt we have the possibilities
to support all the various platforms out there. By releasing seperate 
tarballs we'd make it very esay for distributors to package plug-ins. 

If plug-in authors want their plug-in to be binary distributed, they should
have the possibility to put up binary packages to the new registry as well. 
I do not think we should try to create a new binary package format however. 
Let's see what the future brings. Eventually distros will converge to one 
format anyway.

Salut, Sven

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