On 14 Dec 2000, Sven Neumann wrote:

> What's wrong with letting the distributors do their job and let them 
> take care of creating binary packages? I doubt we have the possibilities
> to support all the various platforms out there. By releasing seperate 
> tarballs we'd make it very esay for distributors to package plug-ins. 

Nothing, that the way it sould be, however installing binary packages
mostly require root access. Still it would be nice to give Joe user
the posiblity to build/install plugins in his ~/.gimp/ . This way he is
a little more independ of his distributins maintainers &| root.
I gues with the modern auto-*-utils the build process sould work in 90% of
the cases, if not he is unluky and has to wait. A litle "Sorry I can't
figure out how to build this plugin on your system" dialog could explain

A automagic bug report to the pluging maintainer, simple dependicy file
and know-to-work-on (uname -a ?) are nice options. Even a clever naming
scheme and prefered server thingy could first look at the distro
directories and see if its already availble as binary.

Maybe this is not core-gimp and sould be a plugin it self... 


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