"Adam D. Moss" wrote:

> The somewhat-simplified idea common to both proposals is that a
> list/tree of little black boxes is set up, where images get
> fed into the tree at the bottom, get chewed up by the black boxes
> through which they are sequentially sent, and at the end of
> the line comes a result.


  this all sounds very cool and I'd love to see what code you've
got, keep in touch and check how things are progressing.

  Do you have any experience with commercial systems that work
this way? It's getting to be popular for 3d as well as 2d stuff.
By the way, don't get too upset about the user drawing lines
between boxes - it may not be the best interface, but it can be
very useful to be able to access that level, and some of the top
effects systems use nothing else.

  You might want to take a look at my (very alpha) efforts at:


  Like you, I'm far too short of time to work on all this stuff.
Been busy bugfixing Gimp and working on some plugins recently,
but I might be able to find some time over the holidays to get
some more work done on it.

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