Hi Everybody

Finally the wait(long one) is over for a new stable version of gimp
and I THANK YOU ALL for making GIMP -- what GIMP is today.

Before I go any further let me tell you I am a gimp "user"
and use gimp NON INTERACTIVELY hence to this mailing list 

I was using gimp 1.1.04 and perl before 
and for last few days I have been trying to upgrade my old gimp-perl 
programs to make it 1.2.0 compatible, and have been fairly successful
but for a few minor questions.

for the information my old programs "used Gimp and Gimp::Fu"
The same programs do not run on newer 1.2.0. I had to change it to

use Gimp qw(:auto __ N_);
use Gimp::Fu;

--to atleast get the script running

(This is not mentioned in most of the tutorial on gimp site.)

and then
 I keep getting the following warnings

Subroutine gimp_text_get_extents_fontname redefined at 
/opt/other/src/perl-5.6.0/lib/site_perl/5.6.0/i686-linux/Gimp.pm line 539.

Subroutine gimp_bucket_fill redefined at 
/opt/other/src/perl-5.6.0/lib/site_perl/5.6.0/i686-linux/Gimp.pm line 539.

Sorry but I am lost. The same warnings are for almost all the function
which I have used in my script.


The plug in "plug_in_autocrop" gives the following error if I use

plug_in_autocrop(1,$img,$layer); (as mentioned in DB browers)

rot: argument type Gimp::Drawable, Gimp::Layer or Gimp::Channel expected (not 
Gimp::Image) at ./rot line 32 (DIE)

but works fine if I use



Sorry for all the cribbing

Thanks in advance



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