while adapting make and export definition files for the
win32 build of Gimp 1.3, there where some questions ariseing :

- what are the supposed dependency between all the libgimp* 
  libraries ?

what I have at the moment is (gimp.exe works, but most
plug-ins do not yet) :

gimp.exe                        plug-ins
  + gimpcolor.dll            + gimp.dll
  + gimpwidgets.dll          + gimpui.dll
     + gimpcolor.dll         |  + gimpwidgets
     + gimpmath.dll          |    + gimpcolor.dll
                             |    + gimpmath.dll
                             + gimpcolor.dll
                             + gimpmath.dll
                             + gimpwidgets.dll

all the above resolves fine except libgimwidgets dependcies,
because there are the functions listed below, which need
(and have) different implementations in Gimps and Plug-Ins
context. Currently I'm linking gimpwidgets.dll against
the functions exported by Gimp, but this probably is the
reason why most plug-ins aren't running ...

I could hack up a windoze specific version for those functions, 
to dynamically detect, if they are running in Gimp's or Plug-In's 
context, but does anyone now of a proper cross platform sollution ?

critical functions:

Second question:
- to make Gimp compile again I needed to include some headers 
in other headers again (see attached patch). Yes, I've read the 
docs, which say not to do so, but is it really wanted to get 
a header order dependency ?

As you may notice there is an other problem with header inclusion
order. Currently the G_OS_WIN32 defintion comes from <glib.h>,
not config.h. As a result of it, sometimes the order of inclusion
needs some tweaking ...

(To keep the attached patch small, it does not include 
the windoze specific makefile.msc and export definition (*.def)
changes. Would it be ok to commit these changes to cvs ?)

Thanks in advance,


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