= Space key =

The other mails about Space key, zooms and such made me think. What

- Space: slow cursor, if doable. Lets say 50% normal speed, or user
configurable. Working as modifier, it slows while you push it. Or
maybe a toggle. Dunno. :] If not doable, dunno what... show menu? Any
other ideas?

- Alt + Space: swap tools. You have Current and Alternative (you
guessed, Alt key), hitting it makes swap the places. If you choose
another tool via menus / keys / buttons it becomes Current, and the
previous one becomes Alternative.

- Ctrl + Space: relaunch last filter (control values, reason for

- Shift + Space: repeat last filter (more, bigger, reason for Shift).

I think they sound fine. No, I am not going to code them, but I would
like to see them in TODO or IDEAS, if nobody opposes. Some are as easy
as changing the bindings (I am using last two ones, and would nice if
Gimp would forget the defaults, but it shows defaults and mines), but
the others require more work, swap requires an Alternative slot and
some changes in functions (sounds easy to code if you know Gimp guts,
or maybe in 1.3 rework), and slow down seems complex to me (maybe it
is a stupid thing, who knows).

= Extra border area =

The swap tools remembered me of when I paint in real world, I end
holding tools in the other hand, or "biting" them. And I also paint
the protectors (newspapers, adhesive tape) if I need to test
something, discard paint, start outside final area or in general do
something that will not appear in final job. So what about adding a
configurable area around layers?

It would be like when you zoom out, you start viewing inactive area,
but with two details:

- the area always exist, even if at 1600% you always get the extra
separating image size from rulers when you move near border. It will
mean a bigger window if at 100% and showing all. As user should be
able to configure it, he can use from 0 (same as current) to a nice
value (100 pix? 200?). Should be changable on the fly, if possible.

- paint affects it too, but disappears after a given time (user
configurable inactivity time). It only shows on screen, does not
affect layer painting (or maybe yes, should be investigated if it
makes some ops easier, like Smudge). Filters ignore it, when you
change zoom, view or something it can disappear without problems. It
is temp, you can use it, but do not expect it to be true paint.

When you are trying to see if layers are inside or outside it will
help. Also when you want to start a stroke near the border. And the
bigger the image, the better cos the other option is to start with a
bigger image than needed, and crop; supposing you want A pix of
border, it means you save A * A * 4 + A * xsize * 2 + A * ysize *
2. Or to just test how much pressure you need without having a scratch

No idea about how to implement it, or if it easy or complex. But would
be nice, even in the most basic aspect (paint never appear, but at
least you have the space to move the cursor and start paiting outside
when zoomed in). :]

= End =

Thanks for reading both ideas.


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