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> hey guys. we at themes.org are creating gimp.themes.org (you knew it was
> coming). i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for what
> should go on it. i just got through talking to #gimp, and here's what i have
> so far:
> a) don't create a separate repository for plugins and scripts
> b) things like patterns / gradients / brushes are good
> c) tutorial section probable, but some want that to stay at tutorials.gimp.org
> i guess i emailed because of the plugin issue. would you mind if we did create
> a new repository? it seems to me that people would be more willing to visit
> gimp.themes.org and click "plugins" and go to the big repository (i could
> upload all of the existing ones), then having to wade through gimp.org's
> repository. i'm not trying to make a "we get more hits than you so lets move
> the repository to our site" flame war, i just want some suggestions (in the
> nice way).

I like the idea myself. Quite frankly, I think tutorials should be put here
too. Even amalgamate all tutorials on the gimp here (with the author's
permission of course) then it's a one stop shop.

I go to various t.o. Sites all the time and would definitely do so for the
gimp as well.

I think the plug-ins and scripts should also go here, if this site is to be
created. Otherwise, better organization and keeping things current at
gimp.org would be appreciated.

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