hey guys. we at themes.org are creating gimp.themes.org (you knew it was coming). i 
was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for what should go on it. i just 
got through talking to #gimp, and here's what i have so far:

a) don't create a separate repository for plugins and scripts
b) things like patterns / gradients / brushes are good
c) tutorial section probable, but some want that to stay at tutorials.gimp.org

i guess i emailed because of the plugin issue. would you mind if we did create a new 
repository? it seems to me that people would be more willing to visit gimp.themes.org 
and click "plugins" and go to the big repository (i could upload all of the existing 
ones), then having to wade through gimp.org's repository. i'm not trying to make a "we 
get more hits than you so lets move the repository to our site" flame war, i just want 
some suggestions (in the nice way).

also the tutorials. included in the tutorials would be everything we have standard on 
all the other sites, like the documentation for installation and configuration/setup. 
it wouldn't be that bad of an idea to me to put some of tigert's tutorials (with due 
credit) on there as well for quick access.

i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be the project manager of gimp.t.o whenever we get it drawn 
up. so this is why i want suggestions... SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS!! NOW!! GIVE ME!! :P

thanks for your (calm) advice. (i'm also subbed to the list now so no need to cc)
- web'f

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