Jordan Evatt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> hey guys. we at themes.org are creating gimp.themes.org (you knew it was coming). i 
>was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for what should go on it. i just 
>got through talking to #gimp, and here's what i have so far:
> a) don't create a separate repository for plugins and scripts
> b) things like patterns / gradients / brushes are good
> c) tutorial section probable, but some want that to stay at tutorials.gimp.org
> i guess i emailed because of the plugin issue. would you mind if we did create a new 
>repository? it seems to me that people would be more willing to visit gimp.themes.org 
>and click "plugins" and go to the big repository (i could upload all of the existing 
>ones), then having to wade through gimp.org's repository. i'm not trying to make a 
>"we get more hits than you so lets move the repository to our site" flame war, i just 
>want some suggestions (in the nice way).

First of all, I would be more happy if finally someone (or better, a group 
of people) would show up who want to redo gimp.org. The web-site needs an
overhaul urgently and I don't think creating new gimp sites will help us
with this task.

The plug-in issue is special since we want to rethink the way plug-ins are
developed, maintained and distributed. The key for a new better plug-in
system is a description format for plug-ins that fulfills the needs of 
developers, webmasters and users. This issue should be discussed here on 
this list. I talked to Ingo, the creator and maintainer of the infamous 
plug-in registry, recently and he is willing to revamp the registry once 
we have settled on such a description format.

I heard several people have already made plans for a better plug-in system
but I'm still waiting for this ideas to show up here.

> also the tutorials. included in the tutorials would be everything we have standard 
>on all the other sites, like the documentation for installation and 
>configuration/setup. it wouldn't be that bad of an idea to me to put some of tigert's 
>tutorials (with due credit) on there as well for quick access.
> i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be the project manager of gimp.t.o whenever we get it 
>drawn up. so this is why i want suggestions... SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS!! NOW!! GIVE 
>ME!! :P

Noone can stop you from doing gimp.t.o, but in a perfect world, you'd 
better put that energy into gimp.org. Just my 2 cents.

Salut, Sven

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