Hi Miroslav,

Miroslav �ulc (Wednesday, 15. December 2010)
> i am reading gimp documentation to learn gimp as i am complete
> newbie with gimp. as i am skilled with coding, i also decided to
> create some patches that fix issues in the documentation like
> wording etc. as i am newbie, i do not fix any content. i already
> put 5 patches on bugzilla and have one tiny on disk yet and did
> not finish reading the documentation yet.

Yes, thank you very much. :-) I just had no time (or was too lazy?) to 
apply them.

> there are three questions that i have:
> 1) as i did not follow gimp documentation project at all, i am not
> sure if it is the right time to create these patches,

It's always the right time. ;-)

> i have no
> idea whether there is an undergoing work elsewhere on preparing
> documentation for 2.8 release so my patches might not apply
> cleanly after these would be pushed into the main repo or maybe
> it's somewhere else already fixed.
> 2) should i also make patches that "move" documentation toward 2.8
> release, like changes in shortcuts etc?

No, not necessary. We did not start changing docs for v2.8.

> 3) there are some inconsistencies in capitalization of chapter
> titles. i am really not sure whether i will find some time and
> will to fix this, but if i find it, what are the rules? i noticed
> some titles do not use capitalization of following words, but on
> the other hand, titles of images are sometimes capitalized.

I'm not sure, too. It seems that most documentors prefer 

BTW: What do the official rules say?

> also, if that would be preferable for you, i am skilled enough to
> do direct commits to the git repository, though my main scm that i
> use for my daily work is mercurial (which is pretty similar to
> git). but i suppose my help would be very limited as i am not
> skilled with gimp yet and i do not plan to read the documentation
> indefinetly :-) though i could probably help with extending the
> documentation while learning using gimp, but it's just hobby for
> me and it depends on my limited free time. anyway, i have no
> problem with putting patches on bugzilla, just that i might save
> you some time by direct commits.

So you have an account for git.gnome.org?
Then I think it's ok if you commit (push) your patches. If you are not 
sure about your changes, use bugzilla (best way is to create patches 
with "git format-patch", but simple patches are also fine).

> also, i have one issue with understanding of documentation, the
> section about sample points. i was not able to make sample points
> work neither in gimp 2.6 nor 2.7 though i think i did it right
> (ctrl+click on ruler). anyone knows whether the documentation is
> correct and the feature does not work in gimp or there is some
> other way to make it work?

It works: Ctrl-click on a ruler, hold the mouse button pressed, and 
move the pointer to the image.

Thank for your help,


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