thanks for response, i was already giving up :-)

Dne 15.12.2010 21:14, Ulf-D. Ehlert napsal(a):
> Hi Miroslav,
> Miroslav �ulc (Wednesday, 15. December 2010)
>> i am reading gimp documentation to learn gimp as i am complete
>> newbie with gimp. as i am skilled with coding, i also decided to
>> create some patches that fix issues in the documentation like
>> wording etc. as i am newbie, i do not fix any content. i already
>> put 5 patches on bugzilla and have one tiny on disk yet and did
>> not finish reading the documentation yet.
> Yes, thank you very much. :-) I just had no time (or was too lazy?) to 
> apply them.
i have 10 patches in my local git repo now fixing various problems, and
now even in the proper format. i just did not want to spam bugzilla more.
>> there are three questions that i have:
>> 1) as i did not follow gimp documentation project at all, i am not
>> sure if it is the right time to create these patches,
> It's always the right time. ;-)
cool :-)
>> i have no
>> idea whether there is an undergoing work elsewhere on preparing
>> documentation for 2.8 release so my patches might not apply
>> cleanly after these would be pushed into the main repo or maybe
>> it's somewhere else already fixed.
>> 2) should i also make patches that "move" documentation toward 2.8
>> release, like changes in shortcuts etc?
> No, not necessary. We did not start changing docs for v2.8.
well, i guess i can make them then and when the time comes, i can just
send them the right way.
i just do not want do duplicate someone elses work. time is precious :-)
>> 3) there are some inconsistencies in capitalization of chapter
>> titles. i am really not sure whether i will find some time and
>> will to fix this, but if i find it, what are the rules? i noticed
>> some titles do not use capitalization of following words, but on
>> the other hand, titles of images are sometimes capitalized.
> I'm not sure, too. It seems that most documentors prefer 
> capitalization...
> BTW: What do the official rules say?
nothing as far as i can remember. but generally, chapter topic in
english should use capitalization except words like "the", "of" etc. at
least that is what i was taught at school long time ago. about image
titles, i am not sure whether they should be considered as titles (so
capitalized) or just as labels without capitalization.
>> also, if that would be preferable for you, i am skilled enough to
>> do direct commits to the git repository, though my main scm that i
>> use for my daily work is mercurial (which is pretty similar to
>> git). but i suppose my help would be very limited as i am not
>> skilled with gimp yet and i do not plan to read the documentation
>> indefinetly :-) though i could probably help with extending the
>> documentation while learning using gimp, but it's just hobby for
>> me and it depends on my limited free time. anyway, i have no
>> problem with putting patches on bugzilla, just that i might save
>> you some time by direct commits.
> So you have an account for git.gnome.org?
> Then I think it's ok if you commit (push) your patches. If you are not 
> sure about your changes, use bugzilla (best way is to create patches 
> with "git format-patch", but simple patches are also fine).
well, i do not have account on git.gnome.org yet. and they say i should
create one only if somebody tells me it's a good idea to do so :-)

also, i spent some time today on reading how git works exactly so as i
wrote above, i have the patches in the format-patch format now too. i
just don't know what to do with them, did not want to create extra spam
on bugzilla.
>> also, i have one issue with understanding of documentation, the
>> section about sample points. i was not able to make sample points
>> work neither in gimp 2.6 nor 2.7 though i think i did it right
>> (ctrl+click on ruler). anyone knows whether the documentation is
>> correct and the feature does not work in gimp or there is some
>> other way to make it work?
> It works: Ctrl-click on a ruler, hold the mouse button pressed, and 
> move the pointer to the image.
well, just tried with latest 2.7 and does not work, neither with mouse
(that even does not catch click, weird) nor with stylus. in fact i am
not even able to put guide on ruler that way. i must have something
wrong in setup then.
> Thank for your help,
> bye,
> Ulf
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