Den 24.01.2012 14:41, skreiv Vitaly Lomov:
I liked the PDF version, nice structure. Assuming the functions are the same, etc., why can't be incorporate it? I don't understand the length argument. It always comes down to " we are just a manual and a reference, not a book". But then, the script-fu chapter should be two lines: a link to Scheme language reference and "read function comments to learn what they do". I like that the tutorial addresses the object model of GIMP - image/drawable, etc. That's what we need. As to who will incorporate, I don't know.
To me the length is of no importance as long as it is easy to find what I needs. So my cropping or linking suggestions was just meant as a suggestion just in case somebody thought it was a better solution than incorporating the tutorial in the manual. Sorry for being a bit inaccurate.
I will welcome the tutorial(s).

2012/1/24 Kolbjørn Stuestøl < <>>

    I am impressed. Although I only have read the tutorials without
    trying to write the scripts. The tutorials are well written. The
    examples will be of good use to many GIMP users I think.

    I think this tutorial should be accessible in some way to the
    users taking interests in using scrips. Perhaps this tutorial is
    too long to be incorporated as a part of the documentation. May be
    a cropped version with links to full version would be a solution?
    I assume that the script functions will be available and unchanged
    in the v 2.8.
    Somebody take the challenge and writes the tutorials in "GIMP
    documentation style"?

    Den 23.01.2012 16:51, skreiv Stephen Kiel:


        I really appreciate the help documentation and the Gimp
        application in general. I thought it would be good for me to
        try to give something back. I focused on something that I
        struggled with, scripting with script-fu. I found that a lot
        of the help didn't quite get me to where I wanted to go. I
        thought about how I would improve the documentation to tell
        the story a better, and I felt that for me it was easier to
        just start with a clean sheet and lay it out.

        I would like to offer my take on a Gimp Scripting tutorial for
        use as part of the Gimp documentation. You may use all of,
        part of, or none of it as you see fit. It is my hope that this
        can benefit others, but I have no other forum or place to post
        this tutorial. You or we can make what ever modifications to
        the code examples or text to make the explanation clearer or
        add any copyright required for release with Gimp.

        The tutorial is under my spideroak share at:
        The "RoomKey" is tutorial

        The files in this share are:

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