Last year, I've translated almost all Greek gimp-documentation and some parts of UI, through 1. As the moderator of gave up and nobody pushes - for the time being, I'd like to know if there is a way the Greek snapshots of the documentation that I've made to be pushed. They're 8,7 MB. I doubt if they can go through e-mail (through Dropbox perhaps?) 2. I also know , that there are some mistakes in the Greek documentation and the Greek files for menus/colors/auto/equalize, white-balance, color-enhance, normalize, c-astrech and filters/animation/blend, burn-in, rippling, spinning-globe, waves, optimize, playback are not produced, without knowing why. 3. If the problem with continues to exist, I'd like to know if there is another way future changes of gimp files to be pushed.
Sorry, the e-mail was partially cut and I resend it.

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